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Cut and shape have taken on the same meaning when discussing diamonds... this is not strictly correct. There are many different shape diamonds but really just two cuts... brilliant cut and step cut. Shapes with step cut: Emerald, Asscher, Baguette, Trapezoid.

Shapes with brilliant cut: Round, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Princess, Radiant, Cushion, Heart.

Selecting a particular shape is a personal choice... Cut properly each one has its own distinct charm and beauty and will retain it's value. The brilliance and beauty lies ultimately in the hands of the cutter. The temptation to cut a diamond for heavier weight [rather than for elegance and brilliance] is the dilemma facing all manufacturers. To produce beautiful diamonds the cutter must elect to apply the best proportion criteria and demand precise faceting and polishing from skilled craftsmen.

When cut correctly a diamond draws light into the stone from the top only, and will reflect a brilliance nothing else in nature can equal. Cut imperfectly, the light is not captured or reflected efficiently... resulting in less brilliance and lower value.

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