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How to say Thank you

It is customary for the bride- and groom-to-be to show their gratitude to all of the people who will make their wedding day special. Weddings today feature people who have roles that go beyond the traditional, like interior decorators and musical soloists. It's important to remember to thank everyone who contributes to the celebration.

Thank-you gifts should be something thoughtful and enduring. Avoid fad or gag gifts. These gifts should be presented at a pre-wedding occasion. It's customarily done at the rehearsal dinner.

Crafting personalized remarks is a nice way to call attention to the unique tasks of each wedding participant. Don't simply pass the gifts out in one fell swoop. This way the gift will have more meaning through a personal message.

Don't let thank-you gifts be forgotten. Start thinking of gift ideas early on and plan for any extra time for engraving or other personalization.

When selecting gifts for groomsmen, think about a gift they would like but probably wouldn't buy themselves. This can be cuff links, a fine watch, money clip, or a high-quality wallet. Feel free to splurge a little more on the best man.

Traditional gifts for bridesmaids are different types of jewelry. Monogrammed stationery, a spa treatment, or another pampering session. As you have with the best man, feel free to bestow a little more thanks on the maid of honor with a more lavish gift. Younger bridal party members can get a similar gift, but one in scale with their ages.

Many couples choose to make a financial donation to their house of worship. Additional tipping or monetary gifts for musicians, alter boys/girls, etc. can also be a thoughtful gesture. A donation toward an officiant's vestments may also be appreciated.

Parents of the Bride and Groom
The couple may choose to bestow a gift on their parents, which can be especially meaningful if the parents are taking care of the financial responsibility of the wedding. Jewelry or fine gifts in similar scope to that of the bridal party are good ideas. Consider engraved picture frames that can house a wedding portrait down the road.

Readers, soloists, ushers, etc. can be given a small token of your appreciation, like a gift card or a personalized memento.

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