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Popping the question? Simple tips so she'll say 'yes'

(MS) -- According to David Tutera(TM), wedding guru and party-planning expert, 'Men should propose with personality, making it echo something meaningful to your relationship with one another and do it in a place that highlights your love story.' That certainly sounds like good advice. But while women seem to have the knack for conjuring up perfect wedding-related ideas, men tend to be a bit clueless on the subject.

Naturally, the first element involved with a proposal is buying an engagement ring. 'This is not just any ring ... it is 'the' ring that she'll cherish for the rest of her life, and may possibly pass down to her children in the future,' says Tutera. Jewelry expert, Michael O'Connor offers, 'There's a very good chance the bride has a platinum engagement ring in mind. It's possible that she's even offered hints about it, leaving magazine photos on the table or admiring a ring in a jewelry store window.'

Platinum is a great choice for engagement rings and wedding bands because it won't change color or fade. It symbolizes a relationship that will endure. Also, platinum's durability means that your engagement ring can become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.

When selecting a setting, experts including Tutera and O'Connor recommend putting some thought into a design that is classic because this will be a ring that she will cherish through the ages.

'Choose a setting that truly reflects how you feel about your partner,' says Tutera. 'Platinum lasts forever.'

Although the ring is a very important component of the entire proposal, make it memorable. 'How did he propose?' is often the first question her girlfriends will ask once she has gotten engaged.

Whether taking place at the beach or a page right out of a fairytale, many women dream of a memorable proposal.

In a recent contest on Glamour.com, contest entrant Briana D. from New York offers the following hint, 'I have always dreamt of a fairy-tale proposal and what better way to drop the ball then to draw out the ring design that I have in mind, fold it up and stick it in an envelope with a love note and his name on it.'

There are many other proposal ideas that can secure this special moment. Consider these tips, courtesy of O'Connor.

* Make it personal. Propose at a place that has great meaning for your relationship -- where you first met, or the place where you first said 'I love you.' Think about the romantic places you have visited together that can serve as the perfect backdrop for a proposal.

* Think back to all of those chick flicks you were persuaded into watching. Was there a proposal scene that she gushed about or another movie moment that stood out? Consider recreating that feeling in the proposal. If need be, man up and rewatch her favorite movies for ideas.

* Consider spontaneity. Simply scratch 'Will you marry me' in the sand while walking on the beach and hand her the ring in a seashell.

* Do it the old fashioned, and tried-and-true way. Bend down on one knee with a rose and ring in hand.

'Remember, the proposal and engagement doesn't have to be expensive to be memorable. Simply keep in mind the personality and likes of the bride-to-be and chances are she'll jump to say,'yes,'' says O'Connor. He adds, 'Almost every quality jewelry designer creates rings in platinum, some even starting at under $1,000, making it easy to find something that will work with her style and fit within almost every budget.'

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