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Wedding Reception Meal Choices

A wedding reception is often a feast for guests. Be it a buffet-style cocktail h ur or a three-course dinner, the food and fun seem to flow all night long. Some catering halls require notice of what guests will be eating prior to the wedding day so that food can be ordered and arranged. Others have a few set options that guests can choose from the night of the party.

Couples fretting over how to keep tally of guests' menu selections may want to add a dinner choice line to their wedding reception response card. Although some etiquette experts frown at this approach, it is one of the easiest ways to count selections and report back to a catering hall. Chances are some guests have already seen this type of checklist on a response card, so there's no need to add instructions.

Due to the varied palates of people, it pays to have two or more options from which guests can choose. Generally a beef dish, a poultry choice and a fish selection are offered. Inquire with the catering director as how to best handle special dietary restrictions, such as serving a vegetarian or someone who is diabetic or is limiting salt intake. There may be accommodations made for guests with certain needs.

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