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Hosting an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding popularity is on the rise. According to statistics offered by Hudson Valley Weddings, 35 percent of weddings are now outdoor occasions. Gardens and parks top the list of outdoor locales for weddings, followed by beaches.

Having a wedding outdoors can be a beautiful event, but more than traditional weddings, outdoor weddings must take Mother Nature into heavy consideration. Consider these other tips to increase the fun and keep stress at bay.

* Visit the venue for a guests'-eye view: It's important to visit yourwedding site and view the surroundings as your guests will experience them on your wedding day. Consider where and how the sun shines at that hour of the day, so guests won't be blinded and uncomfortable. Make sure the venue is set up so everyone can have an unobstructed view of the happy couple. Keep temperature in mind as well. Will guests be too hot or too cold, and are there ways to correct those issues?

* Rain, shine or something in between: Naturally you will have to consider precipitation on your wedding day. Putting the "good luck factor" of a rainy wedding day aside, few people want to sit through a ceremony when rain or snow is falling. Therefore ensure that the venue has an indoor option if absolutely need be, or at the least a suitable outdoor sheltered area.

* Expect the unexpected:Unexpected guests may show up to your wedding (of the furry or feathered kind) if it takes place outdoors. There also may be ambient noises or other distractions. Also, it's not uncommon for the weather to change relatively quickly, despite how adamant the local weather person was that it would be sunny all day. It's vital to remain calm no matter what bumps come up along the way. If you can weather the inconveniences and unexpected things, guests will be better equipped to remember the overall positive experience of your wedding instead of the minor details that had the potential to derail it.

* There she blows: The wind can be something couples do not anticipate on their wedding day. From photos to outdoor receptions, a windy day can wreak more havoc than rain sometimes. Wind can launch tablecloths and set favors airborne. It can also catch your veil and blow hairstyles into disarray. If you prefer not to have the wind in your hair and face, go to Plan B and move the party indoors.

* Bugs and allergies:Keep in mind seasonal allergies and insect invaders at an outdoor wedding. You don't want guests sneezing or swatting. Pack allergy relief pills and keep citronella candles or pleasant-smelling bug spray in courtesy baskets at the reception so guests can ensure the sniffles and buzzing bug-off.

* Dress accordingly:It is common courtesy to let your guests know that a portion or all of the wedding will be hosted outdoors. This way they can bring what they need to be comfortable. For thewedding party and the bride and groom, outdoor conditions should also be factored into wardrobe decisions. A shorter gown or more casual clothing may work better for a beach wedding. Avoid strapless gowns and don sheaths or jackets if the weddingis outdoors in cooler weather. Remember, it's not just about looking good, but about feeling good and enjoying yourself at thewedding as well.

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