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Get a Hip, Cool and Fun Twist

Another Sunday and another bridal shower that's just like the one last week. It's always the same routine: eat lunch or dinner with the girls, play some party games and then shower the bride with gifts. You almost groan when a shower invitation comes in the mail, dreading the humdrum familiarity of the event. Relief may be on the horizon, as more couples-to-be are bidding adieu to the traditional bridal shower in favor of something cooler, hipper and altogether more fun. Some showers are going coed, mixing men and women, while others are shifting into a simpler, more intimate gear, limiting invitations to only the closest friends and family. Today's wedding shower is designed to suit the couple outdoor adventures for the sporty, evening outings for the hipsters, or a trip to the spa for those who prefer to indulge themselves in some good, old-fashioned pampering. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for the nontraditional wedding shower, courtesy of the party experts at Martini & Rossi:

  • Pamper yourselves in a spa. Gather a small group for a luxury-filled day of massages, pedicures and manicures, facials and other therapeutic treatments at a nearby resort or spa. Serve gourmet munchies and light, refreshing beverages like sparkling wine, instead of the more traditional champagne. Guests can give towels, sheets or spa gift certificates.
  • Grill up some fun. A backyard can be a fun c and economical c locale for a spring and summer coed-style wedding shower. You can stick to the basics, like hot dogs, hamburgers and wings, or take the party upscale with gourmet grilling of fruit, chicken or turkey breasts and more. Add outdoor games like badminton, volleyball or softball, and there's no shortage of fun for all. Guests can shower the couple with beach gear, grilling utensils or sports equipment like a badminton set, tennis rackets or golf clubs.
  • Step out. Treat the bride, groom or both to a night on the town. Make reservations at a favorite restaurant, or order tickets for the theater or a concert. Guests can give gift certificates to restaurants, luggage or city guides as gifts.
  • Explore the Great Outdoors. For the thrill-seeking couple, try something adventurous. Hit the waves for some scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing or skydiving. Land lovers can find their hearts' desire hiking, horseback riding or spelunking. Hire a guide to ensure the outing stays safe. End the day at a casual restaurant or with a picnic at a campground. Guests can give gifts like fitness equipment, a snorkeling set or outdoor sports gear.
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