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Seating Your Wide Array of Wedding Guests

Everyone's aware of the saying, "Opposites attract." When it comes to couples, that's often true. When it comes to wedding guests, that's not necessarily so. Choosing the seating arrangements at a reception can be one of the more frustrating aspects of planning a wedding. Both bride and groom want their friends to mingle at the wedding, but they also want to ensure their friends and family get to spend some quality time with the people they already know, whom they might not have seen in awhile. When assigning seats for your reception, follow these tips to help lessen some of the stress.

  1. Keep age and interests in mind. Couples should try and keep people of similar ages and interests seated together. For example, your parents' elderly neighbors should not be seated at the same table as your former college roommates. Instead, consider what guests might have in common and seat them accordingly. If there are people who simply do not get along from a family riff, do seat them apart.

  2. Consider location with elderly guests. Elderly guests should be seated away from the stage or speakers, and preferably in close proximity to a restroom. When seating the elderly, try to make things as easy as possible on them.

  3. Seat coworkers together. If you're inviting coworkers to thewedding, seat them together. Chances are your coworkers don't know many of your friends and family, so seat them with people they know so they'll have a better time.

  4. Seat kids with their parents. If your guests are going to be bringing their children, seat the kids with their mother or father, especially if the kids are young. There is some leeway here, however, if many kids will be in attendance. If there are a handful of older children coming to the wedding, you can set up a kids table where they all sit together. They'll probably have more fun at such a table.

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