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7 Tips For Wedding Day Dance Bliss

Ballroom dancing's popularity has increased in recent years and become a component of pop culture. Thank dance-inspired movies or the popular television shows "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With the Stars" for the revived interest, but enrollment in dancing classes has grown. Many are lining up to learn the fox trot, passa doble and waltz.

Fans of ballroom dancing enjoy the social aspects as well as the physical benefits. They can gain confidence when mastering steps and also work toward a toned physique. Others take their enjoyment of ballroom dancing to their wedding day -- brushing up on steps for a flawless first dance together. Weddings present many all-eyes-on-you moments, but at the reception none is more prominent than a couple's first dance. Being prepared for this moment can calm some first-dance jitters and present a couple who is relaxed and ready for their life together.

Because music and dancing are large components of the weddingday, practicing your songs of choice and brushing up on some dancing techniques will be beneficial. Consider these tips.

  1. Choose a wedding song that is romantic but also has a steady beat to make following along easier.

  2. First dance, mother-son, father-daughter, and any other special songs should be kept to a 2 to 3 minute maximum each. Songs that are too long may end up boring guests. They can also make the dancers in the spotlight feel overly nervous.

  3. Practice your chosen wedding song with your spouse-to-be, this way you can gauge the length of the song and figure out what steps you will use during the dan e. Make sure your band or DJ plays the same version of the song so that you will not be caught off-guard.

  4. Practice dancing to songs of different tempos so that you will be able to hold your own on the dance floor during the reception. Guests will expect to see the happy couple joining in the festivities.

  5. If you feel your dancing skills are subpar, sign up for dancing lessons at a local studio. Five to 10 lessons should give you adequate knowledge of basic steps and help you look more confident on the dance floor.

  6. Keep your calm whatever may happen. Remember, your guests won't know what you're planning in terms of dance numbers. You can easily cover up missteps if you remain calm and look confident.

  7. Have fun! Looking too serious or intent on mastering steps can ruin the show for guests. You're not being judged on your dance moves.

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