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What to Give the Bride & Groom

Every year, newlyweds are on the receiving end of many a gift. As friends and family descend on hometowns to toast the happy couple, they do so with an abundance of gifts in tow. However, even couples that point guests toward their registry often end up with more than one of the same thing. For those looking to avoid giving a gift the couple already has, consider the following ideas:

  1. Money. Money is one gift newlyweds never mind seeing repeated. In fact, it's customary for guests to give money in some regions of the country. With escalating costs of weddings, many couples are responsible for some, if not all, of those costs these days. Therefore, money is a logical gift and one you'll know will be put to good use. For couples about to head off on a honeymoon, money can give them the means to have a good time while abroad.
  2. Pool resources with other guests. Sometimes couples desire something expensive that they cannot afford and don't expect their guests to provide either. However, guests might want to chip in together and get them that unexpected, expensive gift. It will surely surprise the couple, and guests won't have to worry about the gift being given by someone else.
  3. Offer to put them up on their wedding night. Many newlyweds prefer to spend their first night as husband and wife in a luxurious hotel room before making their way to the airport the next morning and heading off on their honeymoon. Guests looking to make the wedding night extra special should consider offering to pay for the hotel room, and find the best suite they can. Obviously, this will need to be arranged well in advance, but it can be a gift the newlyweds will remember forever.
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