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Traditional or Trendy: Which is For You?

Weddings have long been steeped in tradition. But when it comes to your wedding, it's your decision whether to follow the rules of yesteryear, go a bit more contemporary or do a combination of both. Whatever you decide, your wedding should express "you."


Traditional: The bride and groom call everyone they know to share news of their engagement.
Trendy: The couple decides to marry and the news is distributed in a mass e-mail to family and friends.


Traditional: Invitations are formal, engraved and mailed by the bride's parents.
Trendy: Invitations reflect the spirit of the celebration. They may be etched on glass, printed on the computer, a collage of memorabilia from the couple's courtship or lettered on scrolls.


Traditional: The bride plans full-time.
Trendy: Hire a wedding planner.

The Wedding Gown

Traditional: The bride wears a white, floor-length gown.
Trendy: Brides opt for off-white, light pink or another color for their gowns. Hems hit at different heights, from mid-calf to the knee.


Traditional: The groom is to show up on the wedding day.
Trendy: The groom takes part in planning numerous aspects of the wedding, from interviewing photographers to screening bands to deciding the wedding menu.

The Ceremony

Traditional: Couples marry in a house of worship, hotel, banquet hall or at home.
Trendy: Couples marry at sites which evoke a sense of history or aesthetic appeal -- an elegant mansion, a museum or a loft, for example.


Traditional: Couples say "I do" with old-fashioned vows.
Trendy: Couples alter or rewrite wedding vows. Some add "inside" jokes. Other chan es modernize vows to include wording like, "wife and husband."


Traditional: The cake is a white, tiered confection with white frosting and a plastic bride and groom on top.
Trendy: Cakes are creative works, decorated to complement the wedding theme. Flavors are for sophisticated palates -- spice, carrot, cheesecake, lemon, orange, mocha or a combination of flavors. Toppers include crystal swans, Disney figurines or custom-made bride and groom figures.

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