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Tips for Finding the Right Wedding Day Florist

One of the more aesthetically appealing and, as a result, noticeable parts of a wedding are the floral arrangements. The right choice of flowers can add that much more to an already special day, while the wrong choice can become an irritating distraction from the bride and groom. To make sure your arrangements are a perfect addition, instead of an eyesore, consider the following tips.

  1. Ask around: Recently married friends who live nearby should be able to recommend a good florist or at least keep you from making the same mistakes they made. Ask about particular arrangements and what styles they chose. If you attended their wedding try and remember the type of event it was, be it a formal party or a more casual gathering. Oftentimes, the nature of the wedding can dictate what arrangement might be most appropriate.
  2. If none of your friends in the area have recently walked down the aisle, ask the staff at the reception hall or where the ceremony itself will be taking place. Chances are, they've een exposed to numerous arrangements and seen them in action, so they could prove to be a valuable resource.
  3. View a portfolio: If a florist is worth hiring, he should have a portfolio of past weddings he's worked on. This can be your best way to gauge how the image in your head might match up with what the florist will provide come the big day. Some florists can also put together a sample bouquet. If a florist has no portfolio, seriously consider going elsewhere.
  4. Go prepared: When going to visit or interview a florist, bring as much as information as possible. If you can bring along a picture of both the bride's dress and at least the color of the bridesmaids' gowns, this can be a big help in making sure you select flowers that coordinate. Also, know exactly what you'll be needing, such as how many arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, and ask for an itemized estimate. This will ensure that you won't be surprised when it comes time to pay the bill and can pick only those items that fit within your budget.
  5. Ask about using flowers that are in-season: This can be a good way to save money. Using out-of-season flowers will cost more, while in-season flowers and those specific to your region of the country can considerably lessen the blow on your budget. Filler material, such as leaves and berries, can also save money but be pleasing to the eye.
  6. Get delivery service information before signing on the dotted line: Make sure you know if the florist moves the arrangements between locations and rearranges at the reception or wherever you go once the ceremony is over. No couple wants to worry about moving the flowers themselves, so make sure these arrangements are listed in the final agreement.
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