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Your reception hall may offer different beverage packages to accommodate your cocktail hour and meal service. Here is some terminology you should familiarize yourself with as you discuss options with your event coordinator.

Open Bar: Guests can order whatever they want and drink as much as they want (as long as they don't go overboard). You pay a flat rate per person for a certain period of time.

Consumption Bar: Bartenders keep a running tab during the party and add it up at the end. This option works well if you have many guests who are nondrinkers. It isn't a good idea if you expect your guests to have a few glasses each.

Limited Bar: You offer a selection of drinks, like beer, wine or mixed vodka drinks. These drinks are served at a set time, such as the cocktail hour.

Wine and Champagne Bar: Guest can drink a range of reds, whites and champagnes. Sparkling water and juices are available as nonalcoholic offerings.

Cash Bar: Guests pay for what they drink. Try to avoid this style at all costs.

Dry: You don't serve any alcohol at all. The bar can serve sparkling water, soda and nonalcoholic mixed drinks.

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