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Make Money Off Your Wedding

(WMS) -- When you are starting your life together, you suddenly have new expenses. Perhaps you are paying for your wedding, saving for a new home or stashing money in the bank for when baby arrives down the road. Indeed, most couples -- engaged or newlywed -- are likely looking for any way to save or make some money.

Ever thought of hitting the Internet to buy or get rid of wedding essentials? eBay, a Web-based auction site, is an ideal forum to purchase items for the wedding or sell items you no longer need after the affair. The proof is in the numbers. In a recent 30-day period, 27,757 wedding items sold on eBay, with the top selling item going for $1,350. Among the items sold were wedding bands, wedding gowns, wedding plates, wedding bows and wedding stickers.

To get the most bang for your buck or to make the most profit, it's best to understand how eBay customers word their search terms and just what items they are looking for. According to James Dillehay, artist, entrepreneur, educator and author of "Sell Your Crafts on eBay" (Warm Snow Publishers, $16.95), how you spell a word impacts an item's profitability. For example, the word 'handmade,' spelled as one word, was part of 2,233 auction titles from February 12 , 2004 to March 12, 2004, with an average closing price of $16.29. However, auction titles that included 'hand made' as two words were found in 1,358 listings for the same period. And this average auction closing price was higher, at $27.81, or $11.52 more profit per item.

Discover how to use eBay to your advantage even beyond wedding items. Dillehay's book includes more than 50 examples to help you sell and buy art, craft and theme-related items. Most important, learn how to research which words to include in your item auctions and how people search for regionally made arts, crafts, niche and seasonal items.

By discovering what is in demand and how much people will pay for these goods, you will boost your profitability potential -- and perhaps afford that honeymoon after all. For more information or to order the book, call (800) 235-6570, or visit www.craftmarketer.com.

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