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Grooms Take an Active Role in Planning

Weddings are full of references to the bride. From the traditional Bridal Chorus, played during the ceremony, to friends and family members making up the bridal party to the holding of a bridal shower where the bride-to-be is doted upon and presented with a myriad of wonderful gifts, one might wonder just how the groom fits into the grand scheme of things. After all, it seems he doesn't share equal wedding-day billing.

In the past, grooms did take a backseat when it came to weddings, preferring to have their fianc`ees do the "majority" of the planning. However, these days men are becoming involved in more activities that were traditionally thought of as womanly tasks --- caring for children, helping with housework, and taking an active role in wedding planning. The trouble is, the majority of wedding resources are still skewed toward the female audience, leaving men searching for advice catering to the masculine ear. < p>

The groom has wedding responsibilities and wants to help with wedding planning, but he's often in the dark about what to do, says Mark Walerstein, founder of GroomsOnline (www.groomsonline.com), an informational Web site offering tips, pointers and timesaving hints designed to make the planning process more fun, relaxing and rewarding for the man.

The groom, best man or groomsmen can check out the site for wedding-day checklists, attire pointers and bachelor party planning ideas. In addition, there's even a full-service online gift shop so that gifts can be purchased for wedding party members, parents ... and the ladies, too.

When planning your upcoming wedding, keep these top tips in mind, courtesy of GroomsOnline.com.

  • Gather paperwork --- Make it your responsibility to apply for the wedding license, research blood-test requirements, and coordinate passport applications if needed for international travel. In addition, add the bride's name to financial accounts, wills or insurance policies if you have mutually decided this will be in your best interests.
  • Arrange transportation --- Interview limousine companies or other transportation arrangements and finalize the details. Make sure you provide accurate directions to and from the ceremony and to your reception location as well. Present the company with a schedule or timeline so that the limo will be on time.
  • Plan the honeymoon --- Once your locale is decided upon, go about booking the trip and securing transportation to and from the airport, which could be provided by your best man.
  • Coordinate groomsmen's attire --- In addition to your own attire, set up fittings for tuxedo rental or purchase for your wedding party. Make sure everyone is provided with the necessary components (i.e. tie, vest, cummerbund and shoes) prior to the wedding day. Also arrange to have the tuxedos returned after the wedding by a groomsman so you can dash off on your honeymoon.
  • Pick up the rings --- After selecting your wedding bands, make sure they are sized correctly and pick them up from the jeweler. Be sure they are brought to the ceremony and in safekeeping with the best man.
  • Reward the woman in your life --- Pick up a heartfelt gift for your bride-to-be so she knows how much the wedding means to you, too.
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